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Search engines are an important part of Internet marketing.  Search engines enable the end user to explore the Internet by topic to find a web site that provides what they are looking for.  Search Engines are like your local telephone directory for the Internet.  Just like you use your local telephone book to look up businesses, people on the Internet use search engines to look up information.  So if your site is not listed with the search engines, your site will not show up when a search is done.


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It does not matter how attractive your site is.  If you do not register it with the search engines, you are selling your site short and eliminating a lot of visitors to your site.  But listing your site is not enough.  It must be listed in the top 30 for you to get visitors out of it.  Most searchers do not look beyond the first 30 results.  That is why we employ a process called gatewaying.  This is a complex way to get your Web site registered high on the search engines using a system of programming and codes.  This has proven to be a highly successful way of achieving high search engine listings.   For more information on our gatewaying program, click here.

In today's Internet market, knowing where you stand (what number you are listed at) on the different search engines, is more important than ever.  A typical search (i.e. real estate agent) would yield thousands, if not millions, of matches.  Being high on this list of search engine matches is a necessity to be successful on the Internet.  Another necessity to being high on one search category match, is to be high on several different searches. 

For Example:

If you were a real estate agent and had a real estate Web Site, you would want to be listed in several different search categories such as:  real estate, real estate agent, real estate services, real estate (your area), real estate market, houses for sale, homes for sale, selling agents etc..  Being listed in just one or two searches, is going to greatly reduce the visitors to your web site as opposed to being listed in 10 or 12 searches. People are going to use these different searches to look for a real estate Web Site. 

For this reason, we have developed a program that allows us to check your position on the different search engines, using as many different search categories as you would like information on.  We can show you what your position is in each of these search categories and improve your standing if needed.  The average 'web surfer' will only use the top 20 to 30 matches, so if you are not listed in the top 30 you will lose out on the vast majority of 'web surfers'.

This is a highly effective way for us to guarantee that your Web Site will be seen by the millions of people on the internet each day.  Let us show you what we can do to improve your listings, and in turn the success of your Web site and overall Web presence.  For prices on Search Engine Positioning see the Marketing Packages page.


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