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The biggest question facing businesses is:

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There is no point to create a Web Site that no one will ever see.  With millions of Web Sites currently available, and hundreds being added each day, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract people to your site.  Marketing and promotion is essential if you are using your Web Site to reach new markets.


There are over 500 search engines and the process or registering with each one can be tedious and time-consuming.  The are also many 'user groups' of people interested in various subjects, and TriCom Technologies can locate appropriate groups and notify them of your Web Site.  Promotion could even extend to finding and contacting individual users who have expressed particular interests.  We can also help you produce mass mailings of e-mail to selected electronic mailing list.
The Internet has many different ways of gathering and exchanging information. Bringing attention to your web site is achieved through various distinctive means.  Below is a list of different ways to attract visitors to your Web site.  Click on your preferred listing to get more information.

1. Search Engines
2. Links
3. Banner Advertising
4. Mailing Lists
5. Forums and Newsgroups
6. Classified Advertisements


Each company has different needs.  Therefore, we offer many different marketing packages to tailor to these needs.  One advertising method may not suffice, that is why we offer a variety of services.

Our most popular package is our custom package.   Here we analyze your needs and wants and put together a marketing package specific to your needs.  This allows us to create a unique marketing program for each individual client.  Please contact us and allow us to put together a marketing package based on your needs.

We offer a variety of packages starting at $45.00.  Our packages are designed to meet the needs and budget of every company. Here are some of our more popular packages.

Package 1:                     $45.00

This package includes registering your web site with 20 search engines: This gets your web site listed on the top 20 most commonly used search engines.

Package 2:                     $65.00

This package includes setting up your current home page with keywords and registering with 35 search engines. This will get your web site listed in the top 35 search indexes.

Package 3:                     $100.00

This involves creating two gateway pages that are specifically designed to rank your Web site with the search engines.  These pages are specifically designed as to what the search engines look for and therefore, will give you higher rankings than pages without them. This includes placing meta tags, keywords, alt tags, hidden text within the page. Then we will submit you to the top 60 search engines.

Package 4:                      $500.00

This is concentrated on the pay-per-click engines.  We would set up your current home page with keywords and sign you up for Looksmart, Goto.com, Sprinks and FindWhat.com.  These engines are where you pay to get hits to your site.   Here is an example of how these work:

If someone went to Goto.com and typed in “clock kits” in the search area, you would get a list of Web sites in order of the amount they will get charged.   The more you pay to get listed, the higher the ranking you get.  For this search, it would cost 1 cent to be number one.  This means that every time someone clicked on the link to your site, it would cost you a penny.

These are very cost effective way to get quality hits. These engines solely list based on money so you don’t often get a list of irrelevant matches as you do with other engines. There are a few of these out there if you want to pursue this avenue more aggressively.

Package 5                        varied

This is where we will search out particular newsgroups, forums and bulletin board systems that is synonymous with your particular field of business.  Here you can go introduce your products to hundreds of people in your same field. Contact Us for more information on setting up this package


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